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Wolves in the wild

Wolves To Relocate

The National Park Service has decided to relocate 6 wolves from their homes to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. This is an island in the Great Lakes. It is considered to be a wilderness area. They intend to relocate approximately 20 or so wolves to this park before they are done. The reasons are varied, but it seems that the most important reason is to keep the moose population in check. 

There used to be a thriving community of wolves in this park, but inbreeding, disease,  and accidental deaths have depleted the wolf population on the island to 2 wolves. According to The Chicago Tribune,


“Wolves targeted for movement to Isle Royale will be taken from populations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reservation in northeastern Minnesota, park Superintendent Phyllis Green said. Officials also hope to get wolves from the Canadian province of Ontario in the future, she said..”

Generally, The NPS has not interfered with natural herds in their parks, but because of climate change, the natural ice bridges which used to form between the island and the mainland no longer form. This prevents the wolves from going back and forth from the mainland to the island.


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