Is 2018 Going To Be A Record Bear Season?

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Pennsylvania Predicts Record Bear Season

The four day bear season for firearms begins on November 17 in Pennsylvania, and officials are predicting record bear harvests this season. They say that the weather has been favorable this year for providing the right kind of conditions for bear, which it has not done in recent years. keeping the harvests down.

The bear population in Pennsylvania is around 20,000, and last year hunters bagged 3,438 bears, with 48 weighing more than 500 pounds. They are claiming there are a few things 800+ pound bears lurking around in Pennsylvania’s woods. Wouldn’t that be nice to bag?

The current record season is 4,350 black bears, which occurred in 2011. I am certain that Pennsylvania bear hunters are licking their lips in anticipation of next Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and provide us with the ideal weather needed for the record run. That would be clear, cold weather with possibly a coating of snow to aid in tracking

The game commission claims that there should be bear in most of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. That is unprecedented. They also say that the number of licenses awarded this year is on track to reach 170,000 to 175,000. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, this could prove to be a record year in the books of Pennsylvania bear hunting. I hope for all the bear hunters out there in the great state of Pennsylvania .this does prove to be a record season. Good luck!

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