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CWD And Hunting Season: The Facts

Deer With CWD

What Is CWD?

CWD, or Chronic Wasting Disease, is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy similar to Mad Cow Disease. It only affects Mule Deer, White-Tail Deer, Reindeer, Elk, and Moose. It basically just wastes the animal away until it dies.

The disease was first found in the U.S. in 1967 in Colorado, and is now confirmed in 25 states. There is no cure for CWD, it kills every animal it attacks. It is found in both domesticated herds and wild herds, so every one must be careful. I will link to a website where you can go to see what to do in your state if you suspect you have found CWD.

With Hunting season right around the corner, this is very important for every Hunter to know. Deer can have the disease and not really show any signs for up to 18 months. There has been no evidence of the meat affecting humans who eat it, but if I knew a deer had CWD I would not eat the meat. If you suspect you have found a deer with CWD, go to this website to see what you should do in your state.  CWD Alliance. This site will tell you what to do in most cases, and links to each individual state for more information.

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CWD and  Mad Cow Disease. I just can’t help but wonder where these kinds of diseases come from. There didn’t seem to be much of this sort of disease when I was younger. Are these diseases some sort of reaction to the pollution that we put into our world every day? You just don’t seem to hear much of this sort of thing in the 1800’s. Or, maybe it just wasn’t yet discovered. Who knows? I just can’t help but think that maybe we are destroying our world at a phenomenal rate. I certainly hope not. I hope that I am just ranting and raving over nothing. In the meantime, I will keep my eye to the reports coming out of the CWD Alliance, and the individual states during this upcoming hunting season.



South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources

South Carolina

Department of Natural Resources

“In early stages of infection, animals do not show any symptoms…Infected animals become emaciated (thus the name Wasting Disease) and appear in very poor body condition.


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