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Bouondary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area


Sulfide Copper Ore Mining Pollution

Danger For The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness?

While researching  my last post on the relocation of 6-8 grey wolves to Isle Royale, I stumbled upon another struggle going on in our wilderness lands in the northern part of Midwestern USA. This battle is over mining rights surrounding The Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness. 

President Trump recently laid the groundwork for Chilean-based Twin Metals, and any other interested parties, to lease land around the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness for sulfide-based copper ore mining. This reversal of an agreed upon decision to wait for study results before moving forward,

Naturalists have already stated that runoff from these mines basically turns into sulfuric acid killing almost everything it comes into contact with. Environmental scientists also have  stated that the economic, environmental, and social implications would be negative  for the people of Northern Minnesota.

The citizens of Northern Minnesota have every right to be very upset about this new development. The federal government has basically decided that the money coming in from mining leases, etc, was far more desirable than the well being of the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness. I, for one, will sign the petition to stop the mining in the region. I will include the link to the online petition, and a detailed story of the problem.




Petition to Stop The Mining

The Official BWCAW Site

“The federal government’s sudden decision to reopen mineral exploration just outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness was a resounding defeat for wilderness advocates.”

“Mining companies “are not doing this because they are interested in revitalizing the region.”


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