Wolves of Isle Royale

The Wolves of Isle Royale

Wolves being relocated

Wolves being relocated

A wolf in captivity

A snarling wolf in the wilderness

Should Wolves Be Relocated?

There are arguments for and against

Should wolves, such as those of Isle Royale, Michigan , be relocated from their natural habitats to a new habitat  picked for them by the National Park Service?

I am of the opinion that in this case it is a good thing. However, I think that every case should be weighed for its’ individual merits. In the case of Isle Royale, , the moose population is getting out of control. This is because the natural wolf population is down to 2 wolves. Bringing the wolf population back on the island would level off the moose population, and the island can thrive again.

In most cases, I would say no to re-population because I do not think we should be meddling in the natural affairs of  our animal populations, and our natural environments. There will be a lot of people who argue that the NPS should not interfere with the natural order of things, and they do have a policy to that effect, but in this case, I think it is warranted. What is your opinion?

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An In-Depth Study Of The Wolf Reintroduction Question

Why We Should Re-Locate Wolves to Isle Royale

Reasons to Relocate

  • Wolf population is dwindling
  • Moose population is growing
  • Tourists love to hear and see wolves
  • eco-system will be back in balance

” If wolves did become extinct, it would be interesting to see in X amount of years what happens to that system.”

Richard P. Thiel Wolf expert

Richard Thiel

Retired Wolf Expert

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