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Welcome to Around The Camp Fire. Around The Camp Fire will be the blog of High Mountain Base Camp where we will explore news from the outdoor world, and voice our opinions, and allow you, the reader to voice your opinion as well.

People may ask, “What kind of news can there be about the outdoors?”, but I assure you that we will have little trouble finding topics which are important to the camping world, or the fishing, hunting, knife collecting, the list could go on for quite a ways. But, my sense is that you get the idea.

A hurricane approaches land

Hurricane Florence and Our Wildlife

So, let us start our day one post about Hurricane Florence and the resultant damage to our ecosystem in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. Hurricane Florence has, and will continue to cause historical amounts of flooding, both in coastal areas, and well inland, due to the slowness of the storm.

The Wild Horses

The first animal in my mind, and the minds of many others, when considering the Carolinas is the herds of wild horses which occupy the outer banks and the coastal areas. These animals have been around for over 500 years and are a core part of the Outer Banks. I personally have always loved visiting the wild horses whenever I travel to the Outer Banks.

According to the scientists, these animals are well equipped to survive these storms, and will instinctively head for high ground. They have survived these kinds of storms for centuries, and are probably better equipped to survive them than we are.

Outer Banks Horses

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Another creature which has some attention paid to it during this hurricane is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Some people worry that the eggs from these sea turtles will get swept out to sea during this storm. While this does and will happen during Florence, the season is about over, so the damage to the overall population of the turtle is minimal. Most eggs have already hatched this season, so there are very few eggs left to wash out to sea.


The animal which seems to have the most to worry about is the bird. There are many different kinds of sea birds which will be affected by the hurricane. The reason for this is that this is migration time for many birds. Many of them follow the coasts when migrating. These birds could get caught in the storm and blown off course, or just outright killed. Many of them travel at their lowest weight of the year, and blowing them off course hurts their ability to find food and survive. They have very little room for error in their diets. We can look to the near demise of the Attwater prairie chicken in Texas after Hurricane Harvey to see how a species can be affected by these storms. Overall, most birds should be okay. As long as they don’t get caught up in the actual winds of the storm, there are other areas where they can find food and shelter while traveling along their migratory paths.

Migrating birds over the oceans
Migrating Birds

Other Animals

Finally, there are a few other animals which will be affected by the storm. Blue Crab larvae can be washed into fresh water estuaries. This can be good or bad depending upon where they land and how fresh the water actually is. They can survive in brackish water, but if the water is too fresh, this can kill the larvae. So, it really depends on the situation. 

Are there other animals which are in danger? Will the flooding, which is being touted as flooding of biblical proportions, affect certain species? Weigh in with your opinion and questions about specific species of animals, and we will address them. Below is a list of other sites where you can find information on the hurricane and its potential damage to wildlife. The first site: National Geographic, is where I gathered most of my information from. Here is the link to the article which I read, “How Hurricane Florence May Affect Wildlife”.


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