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High Mountain Base Camp

The blog ‘Around The Camp Fire’ belongs to High Mountain Base Camp, which is an outdoors gear store and virtual learning center. Like Around The Camp Fire, High Mountain Base Camp is a work in progress, meaning we are adding to our inventory on a daily basis.                                                             

We stock gear in all of the following categories, and hope you stop by our web site and check us out: Archery, Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Backpacking, Marine and Watersports, Shooting supplies, Public Safety and Law Enforcement, Optics, Knives and Tools, Apparel, Gifts and Novelties, Sports, Lights,  Golf, and Housewares. So, as you can see, we offer a wide variety of gear. Come check us out!

We also are adding “how To” articles on a regular basis teaching you different aspects of the outdoors world. If there is a topic you’d like to see there, let us know.                                                                                                                     High Mountain Base Camp

Around The Camp Fire

This blog, as mentioned earlier, is the voice of  The High Mountain Base Camp, which is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in a quaint little town called Summerdale, in Pennsylvania, USA. The Appalachian Trail is less than a mile from our front door. This makes it the ideal setting for an outdoors gear shop.


This blog takes a critical look at the current news stories in the United States and globally which affect the outdoors-man. Whether it be the latest hunting news, or news about climate change, and its effects on society, we find it equally important.   We are constantly scanning the newswires for up-to-date information worth mentioning, and then bringing that information to this forum.

Finally, we pick the most important  kernels of news, and attempt to start a lively debate about that information so people can see both sides to every story, and make their own fairly important decisions in regards to our natural earth.                                                                                                                              Around The CampFire-Blog

Meet The Boss

Owner/CEO Todd Klinger developed his plan for High Mountain Base Camp, and the Around The Camp Fire Blog when he was a soldier in the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea in the mid 80’s. He found himself trudging through the muck and mire on a regular basis, and often thought how it might be easier to do with better equipment and gear. Military gear and equipment do their job, but they are not built and made for comfort or ease of use.

So, Todd decided that when he was no longer a soldier, he would make sure that he always had the right gear for the job, and that he would make sure it was comfortable to use as well. 

Todd is in his early 50’s now, and spends his time running his business with his sidekick, Cooper the Dachshund. After a career ending injury in the Army, he is working his way back onto the trails and waterways of his native Pennsylvania.